sábado, 22 de febrero de 2014

NHK test the first broadcast 8K

In Japan they are already testing the viability of emissions 8 K for the Olympics in 2020  Tokyo.

This resolution has been named as Super Hi-Vision 8K. In other words, images of more than 33 megapixel of resolution.

The Japanese network NHK is already developing the technology and has managed to broadcast via UHF a test signal which has been received successfully target 27 km from the source.

Tests have been successful but some NHK test lab experts doubt about implementing 8 K in the short/medium term since many people are unable to tell the difference between 8 K and 4 K  in a regular TV viewing distance.

"Beyond resolution, the most convincing argument to make the leap to this format would go through improvement in aspects such as frame rate, color or dynamic range. However, this migration have a very high cost for chains such as other providers of content (...) perhaps 2030 approximately". Damian Thong, Macquarie Securities Analyst.

Source: www.xataka.com